Price Stalker's primary focus is to deliver notifications/alerts about stock price movement of your favorite stocks at the Philippine Stocks Exchange through email or SMS. Currently, the only active notification mode is through email. SMS notification is coming soon.

Data Source

Price Stalker uses a publicly available data source to update stock prices. Price update is not real-time, however, it is fast enough to cover simple use-cases such as cut loss prices or breakout prices.

Free Service

Email is cheap, therefore, Price Stalker can offer the service for free. After all, it only does one thing, to deliver notifications. This service is inspired by Investagram's InvestaWatcher. InvestaWatcher is not free though, however, it uses real-time data and has multiple mode of notification, not just SMS or email. We highly recommend it for serious traders.

The Team

Price Stalker is developed and maintained by Lysender.